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Mods with [2009] tag will work only with 2009 version of CitiesXL; probably some [2011] mod will work too, but it has not been tested. So download it at your own risk. Mods with [2011] tag will work only with 2011 version of CitiesXL and many old [2009] mods can be used too (like add-ons); however, since they use old code, you may get errors or missing features while playing.
Please read descriptions written by authors to know more about the mod.

Last update: 11/07/2011 - Sorry, some links won't work. I'll update them once CXL exchange at Simtropolis will be back online. Thanks
Normal mods
[2009] Advanced Options (Exalight)
[2009] Advanced Zoning Options (Moaku)
[2009] Bridge Height Mod (Nashville Nelson)
[2009] Decorative interchanges (Malaya)
[2009] Extended harbor layers (Exalight)
[2009] Highway Bridge Mod (Malaya)
[2009] Highway-to-bridge working (jeremy12)
[2009] Intro Video Skipper (Moaku)
[2009] Linear zoning (Exalight)
[2009] Larger Plazas (Moaku)
[2009] More Bus Stops (Haltendehand)
[2009] Resource/Token Count Dialog (Okeanos)
[2009] Roads lined with palm trees (ieyasu)
[2009] Roads lined with poplars (ieyasu)
[2011] Allow highway intersections (hyperwolf)
[2011] Big harbor as landmark (povis123)
[2011] Cameramod (Haltendehand, Gobo77, Oliver)
[2011] Easy Metro construction (Elmo)
[2011] Extended harbor layers (Exalight)
[2011] Extended Farm Fillers (One Billion Daleks)
[2011] Increase traffic capacity (City Builder)
[2011] Infinite Trading with Omnicorp (tmxkn1)
[2011] Intersections mod (Hyperwolf)
[2011] More Metro and Bus Stops (Elmo)
[2011] Metro Usage Increase (Elmo)
[2011] Modern Plaza Area, landmark layer (Loltak)
[2011] No Palm Trees on Avenue (Haltendehand)
[2011] Over water building mod (Asterian)
[2011] Over water plaza mod (Asterian)
[2011] Report-Patch (Karel53)
[2011] Residential dimensions mod (Hyperwolf)
[2011] Snapping Streets and Heights Fix (Nashville Nelson)
[2011] Sound Mod (eagleFMJ)
[2011] New airport/harbor (povis123)
[2011] Train on metro [beta] (Alex24)
Graphic mods
[2009] Alternative Road Texture (StuntMonkey)
[2009] Australian 2000 Textures (Skimbo)
[2009] Austria 1970 Black Road Textures (Skimbo)
[2009] Austria 1975 RAM&TAM (Skimbo)
[2009] Euro 2000 Textures (Skimbo)
[2009] Super High Graphic Settings (GlobexCo)
[2009] Multiple road addon mod (Skimbo)
[2011] Light replacement mod (LRM) (mrtnrln)
[2011] New York MTA bus (sniper296)
[2011] New basket court (stryder59)
[2011] Los Angeles County metro rapid bus (Sniper296)
[2011] Moon mod (Alex24)
[2011] Detail level enhancer (moaku)
[2011] No car boxes for low settings (sniper296)
[2011] New traffic map (povis123)
[2011] HeuliezGX317 (Skimbo)
[2011] Hamburg Mass transit pack (Skimbo)
[2011] Vancouver Mass transit pack (Skimbo)
[2011] Birsbane Mass transit pack (Skimbo)
[2011] Atlanta MARTA Mass transit pack (Skimbo)
[2011] Vienna Mass transit pack (Skimbo)
[2011] London Transport Skin (Skimbo)
[2011] Berlin Metro (F) Skin (Skimbo)
[2011] Berlin S-Bahn 481 Skin (Skimbo)
[2011] Rotterdam Mass transit pack (Skimbo)
[2011] Different large subway train (Skimbo)
[2011] CXL Train patch (Skimbo)
[2011] Stone road (Alex24)
[2011] OBB Post bus (Alex24)
[2011] Brick town wall (Alex24)
[2011] Austrian/German police car (Alex24)
[2011] Moscow metro (Alex24)
[2011] Cologne (KVB) bus skin (philip96)
[2011] Bramms houses pack (Bramm)
[2011] Connexxion mini bus (Sniper296)
[2011] Connexxion bus (Sniper296)
[2011] Dutch ambulance (Luigi87)
[2011] Dutch police car (Luigi87)
[2011] Path on Stilts GFX Replacement v1.00 (Winter Dragon)
[2011] Bus skins (Austrian Postbus, Polish bus from Bialystok) (Alex)
[2011] CAT metro mod (alex24)
[2011] Seattle transportation pack (Skimbo)
[2011] 120 x 120 Warehouse addon (Hyperwolf)
[2011] Alpine pack (Daemmer, Alex24)
[2011] Avatar studio (C06Alt)
[2011] Bulldozer Mod (Itsthemuffinman)
[2011] Burj Khalifa (Radolph)
[2011] Christmas road addon (kiwispanker)
[2011] CitiesXs building (Fox2k7)
[2011] Conifers (Jeff10)
[2011] Deciduous trees (Jeff10)
[2011] Decorations ploppable (karaaib)
[2011] Exotic Trees (Jeff10)
[2011] Extra Terraforming Options v2 (Pharmist)
[2011] Fall trees (Jeff10)
[2011] Grass landfill (Jeff10)
[2011] McDonalds Restaurant (Clamato)
[2011] More plazas (povis123)
[2011] New Farms (Malaya)
[2011] New Modern Multi-family Houses (momo30)
[2011] New modern office (momo30)
[2011] New Plazas (Gobo77, Haltendehand, Malaya, Oliver)
[2011] Spring trees (Jeff10)
[2011] Shrubs and bushes (Jeff10)
[2011] Pharmist Mod experiments (Pharmist)
[2011] Plopair (alex24)
[2011] Ploppable airplanes (Exalight, GlobexCo)
[2011] Ploppable boats (GlobexCo)
[2011] Ploppable trains (kiwispanker)
[2011] Rotating Tower (Radolph)
[2011] The twin towers (momo30)
[2011] Trees with flowers (Jeff10)
[2011] Trees Mod (Malaya)
[2011] Two new hotels (povis123)
[2011] Wildlife on farmland (Ieyasu)
[2011] Warehouse (Hyperwolf)
[2011] new USA roads (mrtnrln)
[2009] Single Player Trade Mod (Okeanos)
[2009] New York: destructible blueprints (nashville nelson)
[2009] Full Sandbox for Single Player (Moaku)
[2009] Water anywhere (jeremy12)
[2011] City road link mods (jeremy12)
[2011] No air pollution (jeremy12)
[2011] Harbor anywhere (jeremy12)
[2011] Cheaper bridges (povis123)
[2011] Money Bank (kiwispanker)
[2011] Large loans (city planner)
[2011] Super silo (Elmo)
[2011] Sandbox mod (Elmo)
[2011] Sandbox mod variations (El LAV)
[2011] Omnicorp price cheater (tmxkn1)
[2011] Increase traffic capacity (City Builder)
[2011] Decrease leisure cost (Winter Dragon)
[2011] Commerce mod (Winter Dragon)
[2011] Small Tree Plaza (Decrease air pollution) (Goldiva)
[2011] Big Tree Plaza (Decrease air pollution) (Goldiva)
[2011] Environment Agency (Decrease air and noise pollution) (Goldiva)
[2011] Cheaper (more balanced) multipurpose buildings (Keeda)
[2011] Double number of unskilled workers per building (Keeda)
[2011] Leisure to retail conversion (Keeda)
[2011] New park (clears pollution, greater area of effect) (povis123)
[2011] Larger Loans (City Builder)
[2009] Roundabouts (Oliver)
[2009] 1 More Residences (Karel53)
[2009] 2 England-Pack (Karel53)
[2009] 3 No Air Pollution Park (Karel53)
[2009] 4 CarParkings (Karel53
[2009] 5 Blueprints (Karel53)
[2009] 6 Other Objects (Karel 53)
[2009] 7 New Objects (Karel 53)
[2009] Blueprint unlocker (Exalight)
[2009] Buildings unlocker v3 (Exalight)
[2009] CXL unlocker mod v3 (GlobexCo)
[2011] Little carpark (povis123)
[2011] Gas stations (povis123)
[2011] CarParkings (fredericgot)
[2011] CXL unlocker mod v5 (GlobexCo)
[2011] Karel53 mods (Karel53)
[2009] La Messa (Arcadoli)
[2009] More maps (Jeff10)
[2009] The Lakeside (Aaron95)
[2009] The round islands (Aaron95)
[2009] Map pack n1 (Alex24)
[2009] The green peninsula (Aaron95)
[2009] The scattered isles (Aaron95)
[2009] London (Alex24)
[2009] The cleaved canyons (Aaron95)
[2009] Chocolate valley (Alex24)
[2009] River valley (Alex24)
[2009] Lake map (Alex24)
[2011] Oasis (Alex24)
[2011] Miami (Harvey)
[2011] Montreal (The_Funky_Monk)
[2011] The Lagoon (The_Funky_Monk)
[2011] Paradise Waters (The_Funky_Monk)
[2011] Great Lakes Revisited (The_Funky_Monk)
[2011] FOM3R (The_Funky_Monk)
[2011] Topaz Bay (The_Funky_Monk)
[2011] Mombasa (alex24)
[2011] Empty Map (BramFokke)
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